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1954 Winnipeg Paulins

Inducted 1993

1954 Winnipeg Paulins Basketball Team Roster:

Dr. Max Avren (Trainer), Keith Bodley (Team Statistician), Jim Bulloch (Coach), Roy Burkett, Ken Callis, Al "Whitey" Carlson (Manager), Doug Gresham, Jack Meyers, George Oelkers, Herb Olafsson, Wally Parobec,  Carl Ridd, Andy Spack, Mike Spack, Ralph Watts.


The 1954 Winnipeg Paulins Senior Men's Basketball team was the second Manitoba Club to win the Dominion Senior Title. The Crowe Trophy, emblematic of the Manitoba Championship, was won by the team in 1948, 1949 and 1954.

In the spring of 1954, Manitoba hosted the Western Canadian playoffs. The winner would receive the Hamber Trophy. Paulins represented Manitoba; their opposition, representing B.C., was the Alberni Athletics. The series, played at the University of Manitoba, saw the Paulins successful by winning in three straight games, with scores of 72-70, 71-65, and, in the final game, 74-63. In all three games, 4 of the 9 players ended up in double figures.

Ten days later in Toronto, the Western Champs met the powerful Toronto Tri-Bells, the Eastern Champions and defending Dominion Champions. Paulins lost the first game 97-84, with the headlines reading, "West has no Bench, East has and Wins". The second game, won 62-54, read "Paulins Square Hoop." Doug Gresham was the leader. The third game, won 87-76, had headlines of "Ridd Hits Stride as Paulins Win", Carl Ridd scoring 28 points. The fourth game went to Toronto 59-55, with the papers stating "Toronto Rallies to Tie Series". In the final game, the strategy was zone defence, and this surprised the Tri-Bells. The next day's papers listed "Olafsson Lifts Paulins To Title"; Herb Olafsson scored 25 points.

Paulins returned to Winnipeg with the Montreal Sportsman's Cup as the Champions of Canada. For Paulins, the 1954 season did not end with the Canadian Title. The newly-crowned Dominion Champs were invited by the Brazilian Government to compete in the second annual World Basketball Championship, to be held in Rio de Janeiro. Paulins finished 5th in the 12-country tournament. Canada played Brazil in front of 35,000.

The 1954 Winnipeg Paulins Senior Men's Basketball team is also a member of the Tribune Sports Hall  of Fame and the Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame.

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