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1911 & 1912 Winnipeg Victorias

Inducted 2004

1911 Winnipeg Victorias Hockey Team Roster: 

J.E. Aldous (Centre), Dan Bain (Hon. President), Basil Baker (Goal), Fred Bawlf (Left Wing), W.R. Bawlf (Vice-President), Charlie Belcher (Rover), Francis Caldwell (Centre),  H."Corky" Fowler (Point), Les Moffat (Captain/Cover Point), C.W. Nash (Vice-President), J.D. Pratt (President), Claude Robinson (Secretary/Treasurer), G.H. Stead (Assistant Secretary), Harry Sullivan (Trainer), G.A. Wickson (Right Wing).    

1912 Winnipeg Victorias Hockey Team Roster (Pictured): 

Front Row: Basil Baker (Goal), Francis Caldwell (Centre), J.D. Pratt (President), Les Moffat (Captain/Cover Point), Dan Bain (Hon. President), Hammy Baker (Right Wing), H. "Corky" Fowler (Point). 

Back Row: Charlie Belcher (Spare), W.R. Bawlf (Vice-President), G.A. Wickson (Spare), C.W. Nash (Vice-President), Fred Bawlf (Left Wing), Claude Robinson (Secretary/Treasurer), Coo Dion (Rover), G.H. Stead (Assistant Secretary), Harry Sullivan (Trainer).


With professionalism "raising its ugly head" in the Stanley Cup championship around 1905, Sir Montagu Allan donated a challenge trophy for senior amateur hockey in 1908. Within four years, the west had its first Allan Cup champion, as the 1911 Winnipeg Victorias appear to have won by default when the Ontario Hockey Association refused to allow their team to play mid-season. In March of that year, the Vics defended the cup by defeating Kenora 12-5. The only roster changes between the 1911 squad and the 1912 Winnipeg Victorias, appears to have been J.E. "Jack" Aldous (1911), Coo Dion and Hammy Baker (1912).

It was fitting that Dan Bain, the man who played such a prominent role in the Vics' Stanley Cups , was the Honourary President of the Vics who brought the west its first Allan Cup Championships. In 1912 the Victorias defended the cup against Calgary (Mar. 5th : 11-0 & 7th: 8-6), Toronto Eatons (Mar. 9th: 8-4 & 16-1) and Regina (Mar. 14th : 9-3). The first Annual General Meeting of the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association was held in Winnipeg on Dec. 10th, 1915 and it was decided to discard the challenge system in favour of playoffs pitting Eastern Champions against Western

The 1911 Winnipeg Victorias Hockey team is also a member of the Manitoba Hockey Hall of Fame and the Tribune Sports Hall of Fame.

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